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[ http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_1qZa-rJVJQ0/TCDE0MNcl8I/AAAAAAAAA8k/dKiVmgV8T9Q/s1600/Festen_cartel.jpg - Pentru incarcare in pagina (embed) Click aici ]


[ https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/vKe_AxTFGXc?feature=oembed - Pentru incarcare in pagina (embed) Click aici ]

Unul dintre cele mai bune filme daneze realizate vreodata. Regizor este Thomas Vinterberg ,acelasi care a facut si recentul (foarte bun si el) The Hunt.
Unul dintre cele mai intense si neobisnuite filme vazute , o aniversare turns really bad , unul dintre primele filme realizate cu camera "miscatoare".
E usor  de vazut de unde s-a inspirat mai tarziu Lars Von Trier in Melancholia  in scenele petrecerii din prima parte a filmului.




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Primul si singurul film facut sub Dogma 95 care a insemnat ceva. Un film cu adevarat bun care ma asteptam sa schimbe jocul...nu atat filmul cat Dogma asta a lor.



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Bun pentru ca a si incalcat unele din regulile ale stricte din manifestul initial ,cum a recunoscut si Vinterberg ulterior.



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Putin offtopic cu scuzele de rigoare:
Tinand cont ca mai multe filme daneze(Festen, The Hunt ,Adam's Apples) aduc pe tapet o tema incomoda (molestarea sexuala a minorilor) am gasit o chestie amuzanta ,un american "pur" si "mimoza" intreaba cum de au aia(danezii) curajul de a indrazni sa aduca pe tapet astfel de subiecte si daca e un fapt comun la ei (in Danemarca). Iata ce ii raspunde un cetatean:

"""It's extremely common actually. And not just your own children, but other peoples children aswell. It is in fact rite of passage you have to go through to become a man (or woman). In Denmark people won't acknowledge your manliness (or womanliness) unless you've molested the minimum of 50 pure-bred Danish children. And if you stop after the mandatory first 50 molestations, people will definitely be sucspicios of you, or think your some kind of weirdo.
This is because Denmark was actually founded on child-molestation, and this tradition has been kept alive, since the Danish forefathers setteled down and founded Denmark in the late 18th century.
The reason they started this though, was because prolific and important politicians (Such as Soren Kierkegaard, Thomas Helmig and Anders Aeskerytter) at the time, was known as vivid child molesters.
They noticed how most of the world, at that time started turning against child molestation, and realized that this trend, would probably extend to Denmark at some point.
This threatend the status quo. Kierkegaard and co, knew that their love of child molestation would eventually lead to their political demise. To prevent this, they proposed and instituted the famous bill known as "No Child Left Behind".
This bill introduced the aforementioned 50-mandatory-child-molesations, which would mean that every Danish person would be the equivalent of equal molesters (This is also a big part of why Denmark is a socialist country), which meant that no person in Denmark would be able to use child molestation as political leverage.
At the time most Danish people was actually against this. The politicians had cleverly however, tacked another bill on to the proposed "No Child Left Behind", which meant that voting no on "NCLB", would lead to a 0.5% increase in butter prices.
This would obviously have spelled doom for most Danish people, since about 85% of the average Danish citizens income, at the time was spent strictly on butter (This number has since dwindled to a measly 79%).
So the bill was passed, and though most people at the time thought ill of it, they were relieved at the reliable butter prices. It didn't take long however, before the Danish people came to love and respect the bill as much as the politicians who'd proposed it.
This has led to child molesting actually becoming the national sport of Denmark. Every year there's an annual molestation championship, held in "Kongens Have" (Which is loosly translated as "Rape Garden"), where Danish people, compete to see who can molest the most children in the span of a day. This competition has been won by Danish molestation-champ Thorbjoern Okseryg, the last 28 years in a row, and he is actually suspected of having had sex with close to 20% of the living Danish population!
I hope this answers all your questions about the Danish people and their traditions & customs. If not I'd be happy to answer any question you've got, or point you in the direction of some great litterature about the various Danish traditions and culture."""



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doua porcarele de filme daneze Festen si the Hunt, probabil regizorul are ceva traume din copilarie


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