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Java IDE

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NetBeans Release 3.4.1 (dev) (25-nov-2002) se poate descarca de aici
NetBeans Home

JCreator 2.5 Build 8 (25 - Nov - 2002)

[ http://www.jcreator.com/Images/OverViewSmall2.gif - Pentru incarcare in pagina (embed) Click aici ]

JCreator 2.50

The capabilities of the editor
Selection margin with line numbers.
JCreator gives you the option of viewing line numbers in the selection margin.
Instant colour syntax highlighting.
With syntax highlighting, you can easily distinguish between keywords, methods, comments and plain text. All colours can be customized to your preferences. The syntax parser works with syntax configuration files which you can modify to your needs. The parser handles up to four keyword lists and one list with preprocessors.
Unlimited Undo/Redo capability.
Visible display of tabs and spaces.
A powerful search and replace engine for single and multiple documents. New!
The result of the search will be displayed in the output view
When you begin a new line, auto-indent positions your cursor at the same initial position as the text on the previous line.
Word completion.
With the word-completion function you can complete half typed words. If they are already mentioned somewhere in the text.
External file modification detection.
JCreator will automatically ask to reload a file when it has been altered outside the editor.
Customizable keys.
Bookmarking capabilities.
Format text capabilities.
Change cases, spaces to tabs etc.
Advanced edit commands.
Advanced edit commands for selecting and deleting text.
Custom Document Classes.
Add or modify existing document classes for syntax highlighting.
Insert Comments.
Code Templates.
The Code Templates are abbreviations you may expand to strings while editing the code. They are expanded in the text by entering the abbreviations and pressing either Space,Enter or Tab. You can also trigger the code template popup-list using the shortcut defined in the edit menu.
Go to last change option.
The cursor will move to the position were you made the last change.

The User Interface
Customizable toolbar, menus, and keyboard shortcuts and user defined button images.
Multi-document user interface.
Dockable toolbars and workspace windows.
Fullscreen mode.
File View.
JCreator's File View is a workspace window that allows you to view the files within a project in an expandable tree. You can organise your files by creating tree folders. The File View has also an option to follow the active document.
Active Sorted Class View.
JCreator's Class View is a workspace window that gives you an overview of the classes of the current active document in an expandable tree. The class view has options for creating new classes and inserting new methods and variables. The contents of the class tree is updated immediately, when members are added by editing or via wizards
Package View.
JCreator's Package View is a workspace window that gives you an overview of the project packages in an expandable tree.
User Tools.
User Tools allows you to run external applications from within JCreator. Each tool you configure is displayed on the Tools menu and toolbar for quick and easy access. You can capture the output generated by the tools within the Output View.
Tabbed Document View.
Java related features
Project Templates.
Create new workspaces based on project templates.
Insert directory.
Insert directory structure as project folders or as packages.
Class Wizard.
The class wizard enables you to create class files. The class wizard is especially usefull if you have to generate a lot of classes after a UML session.
Implement Interface Wizard. New!
This tool inserts code for implementing Interfaces.
Bean Properties. New!
Tool for inserting get and set methods based on the existing properties of the selected bean class.
File Splitter.
JCreator has a file splitter tool which divides classes from one file into separate files.
Compile Project or Folder.
Compiles all the files at once.
Execute Project.
The Execute Project command will run the project according to the settings which are defined in the runtime configuration object. If the user didn't define such object then JCreator will automatically look for the java run file or html file with an Applet tag.
Batch Build.
You can compile multiple projects by using the batch tool.
JDK Tools.
You can easily switch between tools of the same type but with different settings.
Classpath management.
JCreator will take care of the classpath settings.
JDK Profiles.
With JCreator you can easily switch between JDK environments, without the worry of the classpath settings. A JDK Profile contains the classes and the home directory of a JDK version.
JCreator has the option to add additional libraries such as J2EEā„¢ jar files.

User Tools.
Default user tools for deploying jar files.
Code Identifier. New!
A tooltip which provides the syntax for a variable, method or class selected in the editor.
Code Completion.
Code completion automatically displays package, members and methods for Java classes.
Code Parameter.
Code Parameter tooltip automatically displays the parameter list of the current method.
Context sensitive help (F1) on Java classes, methods and variables. New!
Source code navigation. New!
Debugger Interface for jdb.exe. New!
Runtime configurations.
For managing multiple executables per project.

Download si mai multe informatii la JCreator Home



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Gel Java IDE


Este freeware si beton.




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incercati Sun ONE Studio (are varianta Community = free). este mult mai tare decat JCreator. Singura problema ar fi ca e scris in Java, deci pe calculatoare mai slabe nu va fi prea rapid.



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Si eclipse (www.eclipse.org) e destul de beton, mai ales ca suport pentru refactoring, plugin-uri, plus the usual stuff. Bine, e cam greoi, ce-i drept, dar comparativ cu netBeans mi s-a parut mai rapid.



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Am uitat sa mentionez ca Gel este scris in Delphi :-)




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Originally posted by pstdgt
incercati Sun ONE Studio (are varianta Community = free). este mult mai tare decat JCreator. Singura problema ar fi ca e scris in Java, deci pe calculatoare mai slabe nu va fi prea rapid.

Sun ONE Studio este versiune de NETBeans "periata" de cei de la SUN.



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Intellij IDEA este ani lumina distanta de orice mediu de programare java (exceptie Eclipse care e destul de aprope, totusi departe :) )



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http://www.codeguide.com - dragut, dar pe bani
http://www.eclipse.org - freeware (un adevarat tool pentru profesionisti)


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