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openWB series2 standard+ - statie de incarcare masina electrica

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openWB series2 standard+

Descriere Google Translate


The openWB series 2 standard+ is the best-selling variant of the openWB.

You can't go wrong with it and you'll be prepared for the future.

The housing is in modern graphite gray and has a black acrylic front. Each designed to be UV resistant.

The openWB is designed for wall mounting. If there is no wall available, the stand can be purchased optionally.

The openWB is delivered including a wall bracket and fastening screws for wooden and concrete walls. The housing is not only suitable for garages, but also for outdoor installation. The cables are fed from below. An extra cable gland is provided for the network connection.

The charging cable is 3m long in the standard version, 5m and 7m charging cables are optionally available.
It has a MID calibrated counter.

An all-current sensitive Fi type B is integrated. This means that no extra Fi is necessary. This saves space in the sub-distribution and reduces installation costs. This solution can also be easily expanded to include additional satellite charging points.

The maximum charging power is 22kW. The openWB can be limited to 11kW.

The integrated 7″ touch display provides quick information about the current status and enables quick and intuitive operation of the openWB without having to use the web interface. Different themes enable an individual interface that suits your personal taste.

The integrated add-on board offers options that are particularly useful for PV charging:
  • CP interruption, to wake up the EV (some EVs “fall asleep” after some time without charging. If the PV charging is then started, the affected EVs do not start charging. The CP interruption encourages the affected EVs to reinitialize the charge without unplugging to have to)
  • Automatic switching between 1/3 phases
  • The automatic switching makes it possible to set the number of phases used for charging depending on the charging mode. This means that in PV mode you can charge with just one phase. This enables fine control, low starting power (around 1.3 kW) and, depending on the EV, up to 7.2 kW maximum charging power. If the PV power exceeds the maximum charging power for single-phase charging, the system automatically switches to three-phase charging.
  • Likewise, with instant charging, if you want to go quickly, you can charge with 3 phases and up to 22kW (depending on the EV and supply line).

    *The option may not be used in conjunction with the Renault ZOE or other vehicles with Zoe charging technology! If one of these vehicles can be charged, this option must be selected when ordering. The switchover is deactivated by hardware, but can be activated again later. In all other vehicles the switchover works without any problems.

Asadar, avem o statie "old school", cred ca singura/prima care accepta schimb de faze folosind un controller extern Simple EVSE.
Cine doreste sa aprofundezi despre statiile de ncarcare, sa citeasca aici.
Pretul este imens, deoarece statul german ofera diverse subventii, iar statia este dedicata clientilor care ii apreciaza frumusetea tehnica si faptul ca se amagesc cu posibilitatea repararii prin inlocuirea facila a eventualelor componente defecte.

Toata documentatia, interfata de control local si web este strict in limba germana, pentru ca... se adreseaza exclusiv clientilor germani.

Are deja integrat un diferential Type B clasic, pentru curentii diferentiali AC peste 30mA si cei DC < 6mA.

Daca aveti EV Zoe/Smart/Kia E-niro, trebuie sa dezactivati din optiuni schimbul de faze 1/3 la incarcarea din exces fotovoltaic!

Pe langa Simple EVSE, mai exista un Rpi 3b, care ruleaza versiunea 2.x a softului OpenWB (in limba germana).


- LCD cu touch 7"
- Raspbperry pi 3
- o placa custom deasupra rPI.
- convertor USB-RS485
- Simple Evse WB (controller Type 2)
- o placa custom pentru schimbul de faze
- 2 contactoare APP 4p 40A
- contor MOD Easton 4P cu comunicare Modbus

Pe langa asta, va trebui sa mai cumpar un cablu Type 2 ca sa o fac sa mearga, iar asta se face cel mai usor cumparand cu cca 100 EUR de pe OLX un cablu Type 2.
Trebuie sa ii retez mufa tata si sa il leg la openWB.

Trebuie verificata mufa mama sa aiba o rezistenta de 220ohm (pt 32A) intre PP si PE.
Cablurile sunt de obicei 5x6mmp + 1x0.5mmp (CP). Lipseste PP.

Instructiuni de instalare aici (google translate)

Forum OpenWB aici

Softul OpenWB v1 este opensource, dar v2 nu mai e opensource, deci va recomand ca primul vostru pas este sa creati o imagine a cardului MicroSD care vine cu statie.
Se gaseste in slotul de pe Rpi 3.

Se poate cumpara un modul USB pentru citire carduri RFID sau o marire de putere (licenta) de la 11 la 22kW.

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Asa se intampla cand cineva nu a avut jucarii cand a fost mic...

Macar poate luai si tu un OpenWB Pro


The openWB Pro supports HLC (HighLevelCommunication) communication and has implemented ISO15118.
This makes it possible to automatically recognize and differentiate vehicles (Plug And Charge).**
It is also conceivable that the vehicle's charging status can now be read directly from the vehicle.***
The openWB Pro has implemented ISO15118-20 according to the current draft. It is now Vehicle 2 Grid ready.****
Automatic switching between 1 and 3 phases is included as standard in the openWB Pro.

Please be sure to follow the **notes!
** The vehicle must be compatible with ISO15118 on the AC side, alternatively to our vehicle detection (many CCS capable vehicles).
*** On the AC side, the status currently (Nov 2021) does not yet support a purchaseable vehicle.
**** Deactivated on the software side when delivered. There is currently (March 2023) no purchaseable vehicle that can do this. The regulations for refeeding have not yet been determined. However, the technical basis for this exists.

Problema cu ISO15118 vine din faptul ca nu stiu ca sa existe masina ce sa il aiba implementat pe Type 2 Posted image




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Posted Image

Imagine card microsd cu V2.1 poate fi gasita aici - 1.7 Gb

Folositi balena etcher pentru a scrie imaginea sau Win32DiskImager pentru a crea copie.

Am atasat diferentele dintre v 1.9 - 2 si 2.1

Vedeti si canalul Youtube

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Am zis sa ma uit putin la OS-ul Rpi...

Din pacate, din motive de support, au schimbat loginul SSH de pe statie si a trebuit sa ma chinuiesc putin.
Am scos cardul microSD si i-am facut o imagine cu Win32DiskImager.

Ei se mandresc ca e un card "industrial", dar e un card normal - albastru Xioxia 16Gb.
Cardurile MicroSD Xioxia high endurance sunt verzi.

Ca orice card MicroSD, are doua partitii, una fat32, accesibila si una EXT4, pe care am reusit sa o accesez foarte greu din MacOS cu ExtFS (trial).

Inainte de a edita fisierul /etc/shadow cu BBEdit (mac) sau Notepad++ (Win), trebuie sa ii modificati prorpietatile (click dreapta - Info - scoateti lacatelul), pentru ca e Read Only si nu zice nimic, dar nu se salveaza altfel ceea ce modificati.

Pe o linie o sa aveti:


pi:afdsfwfcqwefqwrefwersafgwerf: etc

Trebuie sa inlocuiti ce e rupa primele doua puncte cu noua parola, generata de voi hash.

comanda de generare este:


openssl passwd -1 -salt xyzts softpedia.com

Daca ceva nu merge, folositi parola: softpedia.com, care e deja generata asa:


Veti avea:



Acum, accesati pe SSH Rpi

ssh -l pi ip

folsoiti parola noua sau parola softpedia.com, daca ati folosit hash-ul de mai sus.

Odata intrati, veti descoperi ca OS-ul nu doar ca e antic si fara suport, dar nici nu au fost aplicate ultimele updateuri.
Mai mult, nici nu poti sa le aplici usor.


nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Stergeti tot, iar fisierul trebuie sa contina doar:

deb http://legacy.raspbian.org/raspbian/ stretch main contrib non-free rpi

Dupa asta rulati:

sudo -i
apt update
apt upgrade -y

Va dura jumatate de ora procesul.

Apoi sa activam WIFI, chestie pe care cei de la OpenWB nu o doresc, pentru ca creaza dureri de cap dpdv suport, deci ei lasa la dispozitie doar conectarea prin cablul Ethernet.

Pentru asta trebuie sa comentam ultimele 2 linii din /etc/dhcpcd.conf

nano /etc/dhcpcd.conf

# interface wlan0
# static ip_address=
# nohook wpa_supplicant

Vom crea un fisier care va contine infromatiile pentru conectarea automata la reteaua WIFI.
Completati voi numele si parola retelei voastre.

nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf


ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev
ssid="SSID Retea"
psk="parola wifi retea"

Salvati cu Ctrl+S si exist Ctrl+X


shutdown now -r



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Daca vrei sa treci la v2 a OpenWB, vezi ca imagine pentru microSD e virgina, deci citeste tutorialul oficial.

Pe scurt, trebuie sa creezi un backup de la v1.9, care contine seria, mac etc si dupa ce instalezi v2, folosesti acel backup.




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Am instalat si OpenWB 2.1
Am setat toate componentele (in cazul meu doar invertorul, smartmeter si statia OpenWB interna).
Am importat din setari sectiunea Datenübernahme, si NU am selectat nicio optiune de import -> ia doar seria statiei vechi.

Pentru a avea acces pe ssh, la 2.1 au mai complicat treaba, adica:

- adaugat user pi cu parola la /etc/shadow (copiat info de la user openwb)
- adaugat user pi cu parola la /etc/passwd (copiat info de la user openwb)
- modificat in fisierul /etc/ssh/sshd_config

PasswordAuthentication no


PasswordAuthentication yes

Dupa asta, am putut intra pe ssh, cu user pi.



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Poti sa-mi spui te rog unde merg firele maro (A2) de la bobinele contactoarelor?

Incerc sa-mi dau seama cum sunt comandate contactoarele independent, pentru comutare intre 1-faza si 3-faze, avand in vedere ca din SimpleEVSE eu stiu ca iese o singura comanda (REL).

Convertorul USB-RS485 este folosit pentru comunicarea cu SimpleEVSE? Sau cu contorul de energie electrica? Sau sunt ambele pe aceeasi magistrala?

Cat despre costuri, vad ca diferentialul CHiNT NL210 costa in jur de 300 EUR...

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Exact asta doream sa vad si eu, cum au legat contactoarele.

Maine iti descriu exact ce si cum, ca e tarziu, dar pe scurt e asa:
- Incarcare monofazata
-- se foloseste contactor 1, doar cu L1 si N (nu se actioneaza contactor 2)

Incarcarea Trifazata
- se foloseste contactor 1 (L si N) + contactor 2, care are L2 + L3

De 2 zile ma lupt cu ea sa o customizez pe partea de linux si sa includ control EVCC direct in rpi 3b existent.

Mai am de luat putin la pila.

USB-RS485 este folosit pentru comunicarea cu SimpleEVSE si Contor, pt ca au modbus ID diferite.

Vezi schema atasata.

Uite si una DUO


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Gata, multumesc, m-am lamurit.

Activarea / dezactivarea fazelor L2 si L3 se face prin acea placa mica cu un releu bistabil (stanga-jos pe schema, stanga-sus deasupra de sursa de 5V in cutie).
Contactorul pentru N si L1 este comandat direct de SimpleEVSE, desi conductorul este trecut si prin placa cu releul bistabil. Contactorul L2 si L3 se activeaza prin releul bistabil.

Comenzile SET / RESET de la r-pi la releul bistabil au efect doar cand contactorul pentru N si L1 este oprit de catre EVSE, contactul R1 - R2 fiind normal inchis.

Interesant ca placa r-pi intercepteaza si CP de la SimpleEVSE si il trece printr-un releu.

View PostCourage, on 19 septembrie 2023 - 01:14, said:

USB-RS485 este folosit pentru comunicarea cu SimpleEVSE si Contor, pt ca au modbus ID diferite.
Asta inseamna ca (din fericire) folosesc acelasi baud rate, stop bit, parity bit.

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Sunt setabile, cel putin la contor:



**To use a Modbus electricity meter via RS485, you need a extra piece of hardware to translate UART to RS485. In this project a PCB like this is required. Set your meter to baud rate 9600 and slave ID to "002". Until now only SDM120 and SDM630 Modbus meters are supported!




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M-am jucat 2 zile si nu imi place interfata openWB, deci am facut sa ruleze EVCC pe aceeasi masina si sa controleze openWB.

Am scris in engleza la openWB pe forum, dar nu cred ca vor fi fericiti, pentru ca ei vor sa vanda jucariilor.


So, I like to play with my toys and I don't like to be locked out of my Linux.
I also wanted Wi-Fi access to rPi and the root password was not provided.

I like the openWB hardware but I don't like the openWB software and the German language is a barrier for enthusiasts.
I like the EVCC control software and from documentation, it can control OpenWB 1.9 (in some Wallboxes), so I got a new MicroSD card and got to play with it.

openWB runs on rPi 3b with Jessie (legacy now) and Buster Debian OS.

I've used Buster Debian OS.

OpenWB install did not go as planned, as there seem to be some installer permission problems and some compatibility issues with the now deprecated Python2.
My wall box - openWB series2 standard+ has a 7-inch LCD with touch.

For this LCD to work in kiosk mode, with all the features and a lot of strange issues, it was a lot of hurt.

Now you can run on the LCD openWB interface or EVCC Details in the documentation.

To know:
- openWB stable 1.9.303
- EVCC 0.120
- it will try to update "chromium-browser" and "EVCC" each day
- reboot each 7 days
- webpage refresh every 6 hours (for EVCC version updates display)
- LCD standby in 10minutes
- SSH active with user pi and password raspberry
- VNC installed, but must be activated from raspi-config
- EVCC is running now in DEMO mode. You need to create your own config file - evcc.yaml - and when final, put it into /etc/evcc.yaml
Info do disable EVCC and use this image as openWB as default, inside docs.
Use BalenaEtcher to write the image on a minimum 32Gb MicroSD (I did not had a smaller card, sorry)
Docs and download link HERE.

P.S. Use it at your own risk!

P.S Comanda pt a face imagine microsd in mac, compresata

sudo dd bs=4M if=/dev/rdisk2 | gzip -c > /path_to/imagine.img.gz

/dev/rdisk2 inlocuiti cu numele microsd din comanda

diskutil list

observati ca am pus un r in fata la disk2

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The official github page has old info, so the installer on the latest Rpi OS Buster does not work.
I've done a lot of trials for this tutorial.
1. Write this official of Buster image with BalenaEtcher on microSD

2. Create an empty text file called ssh into the boot partition, to activate ssh.

3. Insert the MicroSD card into Rpi and boot.

4. Login via SSH with Terminal or Putty

4.1 in ssh run raspi-config
sudo raspi-config
- set hostname to openwb
- activate wait for network on boot
- extend file system
- automatically boot on desktop as pi user

5. Run those commands via ssh:

sudo apt update
suto apt upgrade -y -q
sudo apt-get autoremove -y
sudo apt-get autoclean -y
sudo restart

6. Create the script to install OpenWB (modified from the original)

sudo nano /home/pi/openwb-install.sh

Paste the content of the attached openwb-install.sh.txt

Attached File  openwb-install.sh.txt   4.86K   0 downloads

Save with Ctrl+x

7. make it executable

sudo chmod +x /home/pi/openwb-install.sh

8. Run the installer (wait for about 10 minutes)

sudo bash /home/pi/openwb-install.sh

8.1 Add cronjobs to crontab as pi user (not root)

crontab -e

add thoose lines:

* * * * * /var/www/html/openWB/regel.sh >> /var/log/openWB.log 2>&1
* * * * * sleep 10 && /var/www/html/openWB/regel.sh >> /var/log/openWB.log 2>&1
* * * * * sleep 20 && /var/www/html/openWB/regel.sh >> /var/log/openWB.log 2>&1
* * * * * sleep 30 && /var/www/html/openWB/regel.sh >> /var/log/openWB.log 2>&1
* * * * * sleep 40 && /var/www/html/openWB/regel.sh >> /var/log/openWB.log 2>&1
* * * * * sleep 50 && /var/www/html/openWB/regel.sh >> /var/log/openWB.log 2>&1

Ctrl+X to save

9. Reboot

sudo reboot

10. Access the openWB interface


11. Go to Stable of openWB, from Nightly
The default version will install the latest nightly build (now 1.9.304).
If you want to install the latest Stable version - 1.9.303, go to:


11. Add your original OpenWB  serial (if original), like this (use your sn and production date, from the sticker inside the box.



Activare interfata OpenWB pe ecran extern cu touchscreen, daca exista

1. Disable the mouse cursor on the external touch LCD

sudo sed -i 's/#xserver-command=X/xserver-command=X -nocursor/g' /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

2. Prepare rPi kiosk mode.

Install chromium-browser and screensaver

sudo apt install -y chromium-browser xscreensaver
sudo reboot

2.1 We need to configure xscreensaver in otder to close the LCD after a minute, not only blanking (LCD is still running), in order to preserve the life of the LCD.

Option 1
The easyest way to doit is to replace the entire content of the file ~/.xscreensaver

sudo nano ~/.xscreensaver

Delete all the content and paste the content of this file (attached).

Attached File  xscreensaver.txt   8.58K   0 downloads

Option 2 -  via VNC or HDMI diplay.

IF you use VNC, you will have resolution problem to set xscrensaver
Add this to your /boot/config.txt at the end

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

Save with Ctrl+x

#vnc resolution high for xscreensaver setup

Start - Preferences - xscreensaver.
Make the same settings as in the attached below pictures.

Attached File  1.jpg   148.25K   1 downloads Attached File  2.jpg   253.33K   1 downloads

In Open WB settings, you can activate the LCD and display sleep.

** Don't forget to comment/remove those lines after you setup the xscreensaver and to reboot.


3 Create chromium_start.sh in /home/pi/

sudo nano /home/pi/chromium_start.sh

Paste this code:


chromium-browser --noerrdialogs --incognito --disable-pinch --overscroll-history-navigation=0 --kiosk http://localhost/openWB/web/display.php

Make the script executable

sudo chmod +x /home/pi/chromium_start.sh

4. Activate load on boot for this script

sudo nano /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart
add this line:
Ctrl+x to save

5. Reboot

sudo reboot

If you want/need to enable disable kiosk mode:

Disable Kiosk mode

sudo sed -i 's/@\/home\/pi\/chromium_start.sh/#@\/home\/pi\/chromium_start.sh/g' /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart
sudo reboot

Enable kiosk mode

sudo sed -i 's/#@\/home\/pi\/chromium_start.sh/@\/home\/pi\/chromium_start.sh/g' /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart
sudo reboot




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Am pus cablul si testat final.
Totul merge ok, atat cu control openWB 1.9, cat si cu EVCC.

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Tehnicile minim invazive impun utilizarea unei tehnologii ultramoderne.

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