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Noul Mercedes S-Class 2021 W223 se lanseaza astazi (foto oficiale)

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niste impresii de la niste oameni ce le-au testat:


After 2200 km driving a W223 S 500 4matic here are some personal impressions.
Going for touch only is weird, because its only “halfway touch”: The buttons are touch sensitive, however you still have to mechanically press it. If you do so you are going to press down the whole control panel which feels kind of strange. Additionally, it is hard to find the right button by not looking at it and without direct haptic feedback.

Touch screen in the center console is nice if you are not driving and perfect for adjust every little detail – and there are a lot. But distracting during driving because you can not control it without looking at it. Additionally, you cannot directly access the different submenus (comfort, navigation, radio, media…). It is nearly always necessary to go back to the main menu and then proceed to the respective submenu (in contrast, using W223s Apple car play gives you that functionality). Voice control is not an appropriate alternative because it only understands 70 – 80% of your commands.
Adjusting the volume by the touch slider? Hmm… The previous roller bar was better.

Driving / Comfort: Driving and comfort with respect to NVH is more or less the same as in the previous model but on a more refined level. In the W222 going higher speed was completely effortless, now they raised that bar for 10 – 15 km/h more.

The R6 is a surprisingly noisy engine especially when started (see the detailed review of Georg Kacher in carmagazine.co.uk).

Suspension at the first drive felt strange: In comfort mode you are experiencing a vertical and horizontal rolling as being on a boat. In Sport mode suspension is stiffer and similar to the Comfort mode of the W222. Now I am used to it, and it feels nice and comfy.

In contrast to the W222 doors now cannot be arrested in every position (only three positions). Otherwise, they collapse. Especially in narrow parking slots this is an annoying issue because the door is always slamming at you.
Door handles inside are newly designed and similar to W221, i.e., they are again integrated in the door cladding. If the doors are maximally opened it is nearly impossible to reach the door handle in a convenient way because it´s simply too far away.

Small Burmester Sound system is equal to the W222.

Cost cutting:
No door pins for checking the lock/unlock status.
No nets in the trunk left and right.
Gear shifter and turn indicator feel like low budget versions out of a 3D printer
Small folding, i.e. make up mirrors in the back are gone
Reclinable headrests are gone



Mercedes Benz's cost cutting is really showing. I started noticing this on the S class, since the W222, no more headlight washers, or reverse camera windshield washer spray. Now the screens on the W223 and the W206 and the total lack of any design thought. The W223 (I was flown to Sindelfingen for pre-production opinions as I used to be a long time Mercedes customer) just looks cheap. Early production (yes, production) vehicles have handle issues, software glitches and the like. Interiors are MB-Tex (dashboard, doors) with a single stich? They look *really* cheap.

I'm really disappointed at Mercedes Benz. The Maybach lines of the GLS/S class also do not do any justice to the brands origins. It really seems like Mercedes has gone down a few notches, both in customer service experience and for vehicles. Did I read correctly that corporate stores in the GTA are being sold to something or other in China? (memory is fading on me as I age).

It really disappoints me. Mercedes Benz paint and rust corrosion protection remain some of the best in industry but the cost cutting is really showing.





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Pe volan ai comenzi care umbli in ce meniu vrei tu
Farurile nu au spalator ca sunt de vreo 2 generatii full LED deci nu au nevoie.
Camera iese din locasul ei cand este actionat marsalierul. Nu cred ca a avut vreodata lichid pentru spalat deoarece este ascunsa si nu are nevoie
Oricum fiecare cu parerea personala

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zicea colegul mai sus de cost cutting...

cam rusinos.

din pacate S class urile dupa W140 nu mai folosesc acelasi principiu si mentalitate.

w140 a fost gandit sa fie cea mai buna masina , no expense spared. astea de dupa w140 is facute de alta echipa de la Mercedes , probabil mai tineri , probabil mai influentati de management si accounting. pe cand masinile din nainte erau facute si deciziile importante erau luate de ingineri si designeri , nici un caz de departamentul de contabilitate.

la fel se vede si la E class... nu o sa mai gasesti masina la fel de fiabila ca faimosul cobra. pentru ca nu se mai vrea. nu se mai vrea excelenta , nu se mai vrea fiabilitate. si asta e trist. si e valabil universal la mai toate marcile. nu mai au nimic de dovedit... s au stabilit pe piata , jongleaza putin , dar nu ies din tipar.

pt mine , personal , w140 e S ul perfect. ai cam tot ce poti sa ai pe o masina din 2020 minus un ecran. (dar asta se poate rezolva). pentru un muritor de rand ar fi mai mult decat lux. si pe langa asta masina e la fel de comfortabila si sublima ca si una noua. defapt , nici acum pe masinile noi nu gasesti optiuni care le are S classu ala din 91. mai e si ditamai barca, plutesti pe strada.

era parca un test pe youtube unde punea ceva la ochi la una si o plimbau cu diferite generatii de S class si nici nu si dadea seama in ce masina e.



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View PostKorloff, on 02 septembrie 2020 - 15:33, said:

Azi primesti mult mai multa masina la aprox. aceeasi bani decat in trecut. Posted Image

as zice ca e invers.
pt masini oarcum similare, la o diferenta de 10 ani intre ele, platesti cam cu 5.000 euro mai mult pentru masina noua, de multe ori fara sa ai toate functiile care le avea masina veche


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